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SOLID4B seminar


Looking back at the SOLID4B seminar, “SOLID STATE LI-METAL BATTERIES TOWARDS A CIRCULAR ECONOMY: POTENTIALS VS. CHALLENGES” where Dr Marja Vilkman (VTT) participated in the panel discussion about the batteries regulation and its impact on solid-state batteries.

Dr Marja highlighted both opportunities and challenges, related to lithium metal batteries and the regulation. A challenge is that reaching the recycling targets for Li-metal batteries is not easy.

There are still issues to be solved, especially related to safety and cost of Li-metal battery recycling. The metallic lithium anode is a safety risk in the mechanical recycling step; regarding the opportunities, solid-state batteries can decrease the carbon footprint of batteries, as required in the batteries regulation.

This can be done by eliminating the solvents from the electrode coating steps, e.g. by dry extrusion coating, which decreases the energy consumption of processing.