The Impact

The SOLiD technologies will provide production methods and materials throughout the whole battery manufacturing value chain.
The SOLiD batteries will enable a longer driving range for EVs due to their ultrahigh energy density.
The protective layers on all interfaces enable high safety and increased charging rates.
The cost-efficient processing methods (e.g. PLD) will help to gain reduced prices for the batteries while offering at the same time higher energy density, lifetime and safety.
Being safe and long-lasting, the SOLiD batteries are well suitable e.g. as 2nd life batteries for stationary storage to enable integration of renewable energy production to households.
The planned circular-by-design approach of SOLiD, i.e. the polymeric interlayers to allow easy delamination and direct recycling, will help to accelerate the circular economy of batteries.
The ultrahigh energy density and durability of the fully optimized SOLiD battery will enable their utilization in several applications, opening up new application areas to allow reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.