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Battery Innovation Days 2024


Don’t miss the chance to become a host at BID 2024!

Applications open until 24 January 2024 

Does your city / region commit to sustainability, innovation and takes interest in the growth of the battery industry?

If the answer is yes, we warmly invite you to apply to be the next host of BID in 2024!

What’s in it for the host?

Put your region in the spotlight of the EU battery community
*       Be the bridge between local actors and European battery innovators
*       Boost your local economy hosting numerous stakeholders to your city and venues
*       Promote your region and industry players


1) Express your interest in the development of a strong European Battery Ecosystem
2) Articulate the advantages to organise BID in your city/region
3) Provide a list of potential venues
4) Identify potential caterers
5) Outline the financial support you are prepared to offer
6) Suggest a battery related site-visit
7) Illustrate any in-kind contribution

How to apply

Answer to the above 7 questions
*       Apply by 25 January 2024
*       Consider that the event will take place between September and November
*       Forward your application to  &

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About the co-organisers

Battery Innovation Days is co-organised by the 3 key European battery Research and innovation initiatives (Batteries Europe, Battery 2030+ and the Batteries European Partnership Association)

In partnership with the Batteries 1st and 2nd IPCEIs

The conference will focus on battery Research and Innovation, featuring numerous experts and knowledgeable speakers discussing the latest on key strategic approaches to the European R&I Battery landscape and much more!