The Challenge

Sustainable manufacturing of Gen. 4b solid-state batteries (SSBs) with minimised amount of critical raw materials (Co and Li), and with superior performance and safety is a major challenge in today’s battery research. Lithium-ion battery (LiB) cells with conventional active materials are reaching their limits in terms of energy densities. Also, safety issues arise with the use of liquid organic electrolyte which are becoming even more critical with the introduction of advanced materials made to increase cell voltage and fast charging rates. Hence, there is an urgent need for the development of innovative scalable manufacturing technologies based on new solid-state electrolytes (SSEs) that can be also combined with metallic lithium at the anode, leading to significantly enhanced energy density.

The Solution

The SOLiD project will create a sustainable and cost-efficient pilot scale manufacturing process for a high energy density, safe and easily recyclable solid-state Li-metal battery. It will develop a scalable process for each of the cell layers and interlayers, and demonstrate the cell manufacturing and assembly in pilot or industrial scale.

The SOLiD project will

Develop a more environmentally friendly and less energy-consuming dry electrode fabrication process for solid-state batteries

Upscale existing solutions based on thin-film deposition for the stabilization of cathode and anode materials in solid-state batteries

Develop sensors to obtain real-time measurements of critical parameters of intermediate products (electrodes, electrode sheets).

Address the urgent need for recycling-by-design of the cells and materials in order to meet the requirements of a circular economy, creating opportunities for producing sustainable secondary streams of materials, especially the critical materials of cathodes.

Our Aims:

  • To create sustainable production for solid-state EV batteries
  • To contribute directly to the environmental objective of climate change mitigation
  • To assist in achieving a circular economy through the development of direct recycling routes for the studied batteries

SOLiD Fast Facts

Work Packages
Euro Budget
Months Duration


The SOLiD project brings together a group
of research and industrial partners throughout
the battery manufacturing value chain starting from
materials and ending to automotive industry,
supported by professional dissemination and
exploitation experts.